A Day of Fly Fishing with Joe Egry, Dragon Flyfishing

Fly Fishing with Joe Egry

I believe the fly fishing can be experienced on many levels and that one need not be an expert to appreciate the beauty of the fish and the flies, the peace of the environment, and the fun and challenge of the sport.

I also believe the fly fishing is fun and doesn’t always mean catching fishing. It is called fishing, not catching. The day will be spent in the pursuit of fishing and enjoying being in the same environs where we find fish. Whether that is a stream or on a lake will be up to the client. As a guide, my goal is not only to find the fish, but also to teach the client something new. It’s not just about how many fish the client caught or how big, it’s the experience the client had throughout the day and the knowledge he or she gained while fishing with me that’s important. I wish to provide a quality experience being conscious of all the beauty and wildlife around us while increasing the client’s fishing knowledge.

I think Harry Middleton best summed up my philosophy in the following quote:

“I enjoy trout. They are never disappointing company. They like the things I like – clean mountain streams, swift-moving waters, wildness.” Harry Middleton  

Fly fishing with Joe Egry


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