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I am offering a good selection of high quality custom tied fishing flies for Western fly fishing and Tenkara fly fishing at a reasonable price with FREE shipping (USA only). I am a part-time commercial fly tier (tying commercially for over ten years) and a Colorado fly fishing guide. I tie dry flies, nymphs, streamers, terrestrials, and Tenkara Kebari.  All of my flies are tied with the best materials and are professionally tied by me, to my personal standards. I am proud of each and every fly that comes out of my vise. I believe in tying flies that actually catch fish, are durable (catch more than one fish, hopefully a lot of fish), and don’t have a lot of complicated materials and steps (keeps the price down). I like to talk to anglers who buy my flies to understand what works for them and why.  I have had several customers contact me when their favorite or “go-to” fly was no longer available. I was able to get the client a bunch tied up and sent out to them.  The Multicolored Parachute is one of these flies.
Multicolored Parachute Dry Fly Fishing Trout, Custom Tied Fishing Flies

Multicolored Parachute

I personally tie your flies when I receive your order. I don’t keep an inventory of pre-tied flies tied by someone else. On occasion, there may be a few orders ahead of yours, so don’t panic, I will tie up your flies as soon as I can.
My Guarantee: You MUST be satisfied with your flies. That’s it. If you’re not completely satisfied with your flies tied by Dragon Flyfishing, just return the flies for replacement, exchange, or complete refund. Guides, shops, and lodges are welcome to inquire about custom tied fishing flies in bulk. Third parties trying to sell me wholesale flies will be politely turned down.